Q: What vaccinations will my pet require?

A: Dogs require a minimum C5. Being in North QLD, a Leptospirosis shot is also recommended.

A: Cats require an F3 vaccination.

All vaccinations must be fully up-to-date before boarding. And you will need to bring the proof of vaccination certificates with you when you drop your pet off. We do take puppies and kittens, but only after they have had their 2nd vaccination at 10-12 weeks.

Please note: if it is over a year since the vaccinations have been administered it generally takes 10-14 days for the vaccinations to take into the system again. We won’t accept animals during this incubation period. For the safety of the other lodgers pets will not be admitted with obvious signs of transmittable illness.

Q: Will my pet be comfortable?

A: Yes all of our accommodation is sheltered and well ventilated & protected during inclement weather for your pet’s comfort. If you have a bed, blanket, towel, or anything with a familiar smell we will leave it with them.

Q: What should I bring for my pet?

A: The only thing you need to bring is your pet’s current vaccination certificate. Toys are welcome, we will take beds as well, as long as they aren’t filled with bean bags balls or feathers (you learn the hard way only once!). We supply all the food and water bowls. Please bring your dogs on leads, and your cats in cages.

Q: Do I need to supply food as well?

A: You do not need to supply food, unless they’re on a special vets prescribed diet. We have a fairly large selection of food available. For dogs we generally have 4 or 5 different brands of biscuits, fresh chicken mince, necks, frames, tinned food, roo mince, and brisket bones. Cats have biscuits, chicken mince, roo mince, plus loaf and casserole type tinned food. The fresh mince and briskets are delivered by a local butcher weekly. If your pets are on a special vets diet you will need to supply the food and leave instructions on how they are to be fed.

Q: Do you provide a pick up & delivery service?

A: We can offer a pick up & delivery service within Mackay. Although this is subject to kennel activities. Please feel free to contact us to discuss availability and pricing.