About us

Animal Care Centre Boarding Kennels and Cattery is a family owned and operated business in Mackay. We are located just 10 minutes north of Mackay, set on 12 acres of hilltop land with 360° panoramic views.

Throughout its history, the property is known to have been a church and has been the site of a kennels since the early 70’s. With a strong passion for animals, our family purchased the site in 1984, and transformed it’s facilities into a more modern kennel and cattery complex. Since then, the property continues to transform, with regular upgrades and new facilities developed.

After a fulfilling career in the pet care industry, David and Anne Hird retired in 2006, and proudly passed on the business to their son Tony, who continues on with their passion and enthusiasm for the Animal Care Centre.

The kennels are cool and airy and the runs are long, sheltered and all are concrete based. All dogs are individually housed (unless they are from the same owners and with their permission) and have individual playtime daily in one of the three grassed exercise yards. There are four cattery rooms catering for the short and long term stays with us. As with the dogs all cats are individually housed, and also receive individual playtime daily.