Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my pet be comfortable?
A: Yes all of our accommodation is sheltered and well ventilated & protected during inclement weather for your pet’s comfort. If you have a bed, blanket, towel, or anything with a familiar smell we will happily set it up for them.

Q: What should I bring for my pet?
A: The only thing you need to bring is your pet’s current vaccination certificate. If you have any toys / bedding / towels / etc, by all means bring those along as well. As long as they aren’t filled with beanbag balls or feathers we’ll take it (you learn the hard way only once!). We supply all the food and water bowls.
Please bring your dogs in on leads, and your cats in cages.

Q: Do I need to supply food as well?
A: You do not need to supply food, unless they’re on a special or vets prescribed diet. We have a reasonable selection of food available, but we also have the experience and know what is tried and tested, what works, what is safe and healthy, and what your pet needs and will enjoy in a boarding kennel and cattery situation. For dogs we generally use Supercoat, occasionally Pedigree branded biscuits, and fresh mince. We always have on hand other options such as tinned tuna, roo mince, chicken necks and other grain free and red meat free options.

Cats have day long access to biscuits (usually Whiskas and Purina branded varieties), and also have access to tinned tuna, plus loaf and casserole type tinned food. If your pets are on a special or vets prescribed diet by all means bring it in and leave instructions on portion sizes and how often they are to be fed.

Q: Do you provide a pick up & delivery service?
Unfortunately not. For airport or road transfers there are a couple of options that you should be able to find but realistically all are dependent on your situation and personal preference. If you choose to go down this path, please liase with us to work in with our times.

Q: What happens if my pet requires a vet during the stay?
A: We prefer to use your usual pet’s vet clinic, but if distance or hours of operation becomes an issue we have access to several vets should an emergency arise. In any situation we will do our best to contact you first. But if it is in the animals best interests we will take them to a vet straight away. Please be advised that all veterinary expenses are your responsibility.

Q: Will my pet be safe at Animal Care Centre? Can I come and have a look beforehand?
A: Absolutely. We are by appointment only, but if you wish to have a look for yourself please call, message or email to organise a time for an inspection. All of our kennels are concrete based and fully enclosed.

Each cattery unit is inside 1 of the 4 rooms themselves.

Q: Can you give my pet its required medication?
A: Yes. We are happy to accommodate pets requiring medication, the medication needs to be clearly labelled with clear instructions. There is no extra charge for administering medication.

Q: Will my pet have its own space?
A: Absolutely, we don’t mix dogs with other dogs or cats with other cats unless they’re from the same family and they can be housed together. If you’d like them to be completely separate to each other, or kennelled separate but let out together for playtime, that is not a problem at all.

For dogs, the kennels themselves are fairly large (our biggest being 10m long runs!) and dogs being dogs, they will be entertained running up and down barking to the other dogs. We have 3 grassed exercise yards as well and they will all get time during the day to have a run around and look about. We don’t walk them as such, it’s their choice what to do! If your dog wants to play fetch, shadow us around and get any available pats, continue a previous conversation with other dogs, or just pull up in some shade and have a lie down, it is their choice.

For the cats, the kennels are in rooms themselves, so they get let out every day to explore the room, play with toys, scratch on posts, or allow pats or cuddles.

With both the dogs and the cats, during this time obviously they are let out individually/separately as well. It purely depends on how many pets are in, to how long they get out, as everyone gets a go.
There is no extra charge for this service.

Q: My dog has high anxiety / My cat hates everything!
A: Rest assured, you are not alone. This is increasingly more common and just like people, it is just becoming better understood. There are plenty of treatment options available that your vet can recommend with regards to medication.

Things that can help while they are here with us… Firstly, tell us early! Let us know so we can plan where they will stay. Bringing in familiar things, with familiar smells, also helps calm them while they adjust to a new routine. With dogs with anxiety, during the changeover from you driving in the car, to landing at an unfamiliar place, being taken by an unfamiliar person with unfamiliar noises and smells, it is normal for them to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes as an owner you worry, and that’s normal too. We try and assimilate them as quickly and seamlessly as possible so the new routine isn’t such a daunting experience. Essentially they are a pack animal, and I become their new Alpha human. Sometimes they cope far better than you expect, sometimes they need a bit more time.

Cats aren’t pack animals, and aren’t massively fond of change at the best of times. They don’t like the carrier. They don’t like the car. And mostly they see other cats poking around their area (their house, their yard, etc) as a threat. It really depends on each cats personality to how long it takes.

Try your best not to fuss over them during the changeover, and if at all possible try and give them a bit of daylight time here so they can learn their new surrounds and so that everything isn’t so new and scary by the time the sun goes down.

We humans know and understand it’s not personal, and mostly all they need is time to figure out that everything is actually ok in their world, that they are safe, that they have some of their own things and have everything provided that they need.

We’ve definitely seen most things, but learn new things every single day.

Q: Do you take dogs in season? / My dog is recovering from surgery?
A: Yes, depending on availability. We have 4 isolation kennels for girls on heat, dogs recovering from surgery, older dogs etc. If you have a booking and this is a requirement please just let us know as soon as you do. We also just ask if your dog is on heat to please leave her in your vehicle until all the booking-in formalities are completed.

Q: When are you open?
A: It depends on the day, we are by appointment only and have hours that we accept drop offs and pick ups. Generally there are periods every day so just give us a call, or send us an email or Facebook message to align with your dates. Public and other holidays are subject to confirmation.

Q: How do I pay?
A: Unfortunately we don’t have Eftpos facilities here, we accept either Cash or Direct Deposit.

Q: How do I book?
A: Easily! Either give us a call on 07 4959 8290, send us an email at,  send us a message through our Facebook page, or Lodge a request here.

Banned breeds and Dangerous animals
Very occasionally it may be naivety, but usually it is a conscious decision to acquire a banned breed, or dangerous animal. There are banned breeds in the Mackay region and in the state of Queensland, and we reserve the right to refuse boarding to these, and any other generally dangerous pets.